250 Birdhouses



The 250 birdhouses project was where it all began for the Happy City Birds project. In 2010 while studying at Design School Kolding, Denmark I got my hands on a shit load of scrapwood. For many years I had been active in the graffiti community, and noticed the many different views on the graffiti arts around the cities of Denmark. While some people see it as art, a big part of the public see it as vandalism. With all this scrap wood at my disposure I came up with the idea of making birdhouses as my style of graffiti / street art. As I like to put it “not everyone can understand graffiti, but even my grandmother understands birdhouses”.

I created 250 birdhouses at my school in Kolding, and went on a tour around Denmark to set them all up on my Christiania bike. Some were set up separate or in small formations while others were put up in larger installations. The tour took about two weeks, and the Happy City Birds project was born, and has since developed into more than 4000 birdhouses around the world.