Way of the Bird King



Made in collaboration with several partners (see each Troll)

"Little Oscar's favorite pastime was lying by the fire at night, listening to the squeaky old trolls tell stories from a long-forgotten past. His favorite was "Way of the Bird King," a tale about a wise old troll who oversaw the lands and, with help and knowledge from the birds, kept the balance between trolls and humans – between our world, the one below the sea mirror, and, above them all, the one in the clouds. Or so the stories said. The elders would always end the tale with "...and the rest, we don't have to talk about!" And when Oscar asked what they did not want to talk about, they always replied, "We don't want to talk about it!!"

Covering 4000 miles from the East Coast to the West Coast of the United States, I built 10 Trolls in 100 days using 15 tons of discarded materials. I traveled from June to September 2023, and I made my sculptures in New Jersey, Vermont, Michigan, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington. I engaged with local communities and American Natives, talking with them about the meaning that art and recycling have for them. Over a thousand people joined the journey, contributing to construction, accommodation, and logistics.