Frequently Asked Questions

I receive a lot of emails and messages every day, so my team helps me to get back to everyone. To make sure they can help you in the best way possible please follow the contact menu that matches the topic you want to contact me about. A lot of the questions I get are similar, so I have also made the list of Frequently Asked Questions below where you might find the information you are looking for.

How do I get updates from you?

You can follow me on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.

Where can I find all the Thomas Dambo Trolls?

If you would like to see all of my trolls displayed on a map, you should check out the amazing Trollmap. If you want to dive into each of them chronologically or you want to search for a specific one, please go to the list of All Works.

I would like to have a sculpture in my area. What should I do?

Please start by filling in the “Commission a piece” form, which you can find in this section.

Can I intern with Thomas Dambo?

I sometimes have interns when the timing is right. Please check out this information to apply.

I would like to work with you. How can I do it?

Open positions will be posted in the Working with Thomas Dambo section.

I would like to volunteer with you. How can I do it?

Volunteers are usually organized by the local partner who commissioned a sculpture. But when I need more people for a project, I usually post about it on Instagram and Facebook.  

How can I ask you to use a picture/image of one of your Trolls?

Please send an email to

I made some pictures/videos of your Troll, that I would like to send you. Is there a way?

Sure! I really appreciate it when people send me nice footage of my work. You can send it to Please remember to write the name I should use to credit your work on social media.

I have a problem with an order/purchase from the webshop. What do I do?

Please write an email to

Shipping costs are high. Is it normal?

When you order from my webshop the items are shipped from Denmark and shipping costs may be higher than you are used to. You may be able to order the same items from a shop closer to you. Please check out the local shops that carry my books (and sometimes other merchandise).

Can I visit your studio?

Visits to the studio are by appointment only. Please write an email to

My contact needs are not included in the contact section. What should I do?

Please write an email to