License & Copyright

I am lucky to have many fans who want to share their love of my work in different ways. Please write to if you would like permission to use photos of my work for any purpose.

I often grant free permission to use photos of my work for educational purposes or other non-commercial initiatives. If you would like to use an image of my work for something public or commercial you will always need my approval and I may ask for a fee. 

Merchandise licenses

Some of my partners hold a licensing contract that allows them to produce T-shirts or other merchandise related to the works they host. Since everything I do is about turning trash into treasure so we can stop using more resources than the world has, I am very strict about what types of merchandise I let my partners sell and how it is produced. 

If you would like to sell products with my name or artwork on them, you must get in contact with my crew at My crew can assist you with a licensing contract if that is relevant, and they can guide you to have a production that is in line with my mission, which is centered on recycling, reducing waste, and not creating and selling superfluous objects.