Detroit Lakes, Minnesota, USA



Five Giant trolls, three magical portals, 800 birdhouses and a recipe for the elixir to withstand the Golden Rabbit, can all be found in and around the wonderful town of Detroit Lakes in Minnesota.    

This is my biggest and most ambitious exhibition of my career. I am so happy to have been given so much trust in my artistic decisions and support from Project 412 and the Detroit Lakes community. I am so very excited to let you taste what’s been stirred up in Alexa’s cauldron!

Alexas brewing up the elixir to help the little people

The elixir consist of five different ingredients:

  1. A handful of chirps from some happy birds!
  1. A tree planted.
  1. The laughter from a stranger.
  1. A mile walked with bare feet.  
  1. A story about someone you love.

Alexa knows how to get the happy chirps herself, but for the other ingredients the other trolls, Jacob Everear, Barefoot Frida, Long Leif and Ronny Funny Face will help you collect them, and if your lucky you might find enough to offer some to The Golden Rabbit! 

A handful of chirps from some happy birds - ALEXA'S THREE PORTALS

A tree planted - LONG LEIF

Measuring at 13 meters "Long Leif" is the tallest troll I've ever made. He's here to help the little humans remember the importance of nuturing and preserving the forests.

The laughter from a stranger - RONNY FUNNY FACE!

Ronny Funny Face is here to help us remember that it's easy to spread joy!

A mile walked with bare feet - BAREFOOT FRIDA

Barefoot Frida is here to encourages the little human to connect with nature.

A story about someone you love - JACOB EVEREAR

Jacob Everear wants us to remember, cherish and tell stories of the ones we love.


The Golden Rabbit is hidden in a very secret location! You can't find it on my trollmap - You have to solve the riddle in Alexa's book! 


PROJECT 412 - Our local partner in Detroit Lakes

Project 412's mission is to celebrate and elevate the cultural and economic vibrancy of the beautiful area of Detroit Lakes. The name Project 412 comes from the 412 lakes within 25 miles of Detroit Lakes. Visit their website here:

Four special episodes about the creation of the exhibition.