Working with thomas dambo

open position: bookkeeper

I am looking for someone to do all my bookkeeping, handle salaries, keep track of budgets and all that kind of stuff. You must be a Danish speaker, since my business is registered in Denmark. Please find the job posting and apply via the form (in Danish only)!

Working with me means that no two days are the same and you will be asked to do a mix of different things. All employees are expected to be flexible and help out with whatever is needed to make things run smoothly. Of course, employees have different roles and strengths and it is a goal to use and develop each person’s particular skills.

I have 20+ employees in my studio and a great network of skilled people who join me occasionally to build sculptures around the world. If I am looking for a new employee you can usually find the job posting here. If there are no current job openings, you are still welcome to send me an unsolicited application explaining how you think your particular skills are relevant to my work. It is important to know that if you are hoping to come work with me in Denmark you need to have a Danish Work Visa or be an EU citizen.

Interning with me

I get a lot of applications for internships but it has to be the right fit for both you and my crew.  Interning in my studio is an opportunity for students and craftsmen to learn about how to work with recycled materials, how to be creative, and how to build things! It is also an opportunity for me to learn from my interns who often have some special skills or come with fresh input from the education they are taking. 

Please take the time to consider what you expect to learn from working with me and my crew and what your contribution may be before sending your application.

Volunteering with me

My works are made in and with local communities, involving lots of volunteers in the process. Some help with building, some assist with collecting and sorting discarded materials, some make cakes for everyone on site and some contribute to the maintenance of the finished sculpture. Volunteers are usually organized by the local partner who commissioned a sculpture. But when I need more people for a project, I usually post about it on my SoMe channels.