Giants of Mandurah

Mandurah, Australia


Made in Collaboration with FORM and The City of Mandurah.

"The words that you’re about to hear, they hold a special meaning
I know they’re seemingly untrue, but trust me, you’re not dreaming.
There is a rhythm in the rain – you can hear it drop by drop.
But if no one sings along, then soon the song of rain will stop

First the sun must hit the ocean so the ocean turns to clouds.
Then the wind must move clouds to land, collect them in a crowd.
The clouds must let the raindrops fall upon the land will open
So then mountain water, rivers run and flow back in the ocean.

And there are six old hidden giants, in the bush and on the bay.
And each of their voices is crucial for the harmony to play.
They used to sing the song together – the six old hidden giants.
But one got lost, then six turned five, and now the song is silent

So go find the hidden giants and help restore the order.
‘Cause a giant needs its company, like fire needs its water.
There is one in Perth, four in Mandurah, and one hidden far apart.
But find the five and bring the mark before the last you start.

Just one thing you must remember: be brave and do not tire.
Through sun and clouds and rain and rocks the ocean and the fire.
Sing this song for them in honour – just like the old hidden giants.
That’s all I had to say today – now on your way, and find them