#112 Ronja Redeye

Philadelphia Zoo, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA



Made in Collaboration with Imagine Exhibitions.

"Ronja Redeye speaks from her heart, and is really good with words. Although she is the smallest of the group that wants to save the humans, she has a mighty voice and is a natural leader. Carrying the gift of communication with her, she even knows how to speak words that humans understand and she has translated the troll alphabet into the human ABC! When she thinks of a word to say, Ronja immediately senses echoes of rhymes and her mouth picks them like flowers from a field and shapes them into a poem, a song, a tale or a cheerful roaring through the forest. Although her words are always honest and straightforward, she speaks them with compassion, because she knows that words have the power to make you smile, but they can also create great sadness. And, if there is one thing that can make Ronja’s eyes turn red it is the use of hurtful words getting in the way of friendship."