#092 SteenEnEnEn

Esch, Luxembourg



Commissioned by Les Francofolies d'Esch.

"While Steenenenen to us, small folks, is considered a name for a troll, it’s really not, or at least it’s more. It’s a peculiar method, a practice of ownership lost to our civilization. Trolls don’t believe in ownership. As we understand now, it’s hard to form a full picture, but the legend has it that trolls only lend from nature, and for different entities, there are different rules. Steenenenen, in German “steineineinein” or English “stoneoneoneone” is a guiding principle that before moving a stone or a rock, you have to stand on it, by it, with it and count to hundred and eleven: one one one, en en en, ein ein ein - 111. This is, to the best of our knowledge, to ensure that you are deliberate about the actions you choose and to show that you care."

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