Recycle artist and activist

Hi, I´m Thomas Dambo -  Recycle artist and activist

On a mission to save the world from drowning in trash!

2024 here I come!

In 2024 I am working on more than 20 sculptures all made out of recycled materials - of course! Trolls are coming in Austin (Texas), Detroit Lakes (Minnesota), South County (Rhode Island), Denmark and France, but you will see also a giant rabbit, magic mirrors, curtains and shelters.

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Trash Talk

Recycling for all purposes, building Trolls, traveling, meeting people of all kinds. These are the central topics of my weekly episode of Trash Talk on YouTube.
Get behind the scenes when I create my sculptures; learn how to adopt the troll Lomme Ulrik and follow how I am transforming my studio for more sustainable energy production, biodiversity and reforestation; and learn more about how I recycle on a daily basis. If you like it, please share and subscribe!

Way of the Bird King

In 2023 I did a road trip across the USA building 10 sculptures with the help of my crew and hundreds of volunteers. These sculptures are all part of the ‘Way of the Bird King’ story and I have made an adventure booklet to share this story with you. In it, you will meet the Troll Oscar, who travels from the East Coast to the West Coast searching for the Bird King, just as I did. Check in the Buy Local section where to buy it in a store near you. Also: watch my road trip on YouTube.