Explorers of Sentosa

Sentosa, Singapore


Made in collaboration with Sentosa Development Corporation.

"Way beyond the highland, on a tiny little island,
where the waves are rolling silent, lives a family of giants.
Few in numbers, only four, but there were old in days.
The golden sand laguna was, to them, their own place.

Reef the Chief, the tallest; he was always on the guard.
And Sue – so curious, the youngest playful at her heart.
Little Lyn could see it all in every little thing,
while the Dreamer Dee could feel the feelings burning from within.

They walked the beach from end to end; they did it every morning
to see what snails, seaweed and shells the ocean had brought in.
But then, one morning, something changed; the golden sand was gone,
covered in a million pieces, shining, colorful and strong.

And Reef the Chief said, “This deceives, I know it looks fantastic,
but this is made by humans and they cursed with their magic.
It is an Eternity material, a line that lasts forever.
The wheel of life´s a circle; never mix the two together.

The humans use it recklessly but they neglect, forget to see,
it last forever endlessly, so always treat it preciously.
Now all the giants gathered, and they picked up every piece,
made a chain and hung it on the trees along the beach.

In hope the sight would reach the humans, one day, would come back
to help the giants make the spell of magic break and snap.
Because together, every island, every giant, human being,
deserve to have an ocean clean not only in their dreams