The 7 Trolls and the Magical Tower

In 2019, I worked on a special project in Boom, Belgium, at De Schorre Park, known for hosting the Tomorrowland music festival. I wanted to do something magical for the forest, so I decided to create not just Trolls but a whole Troll world.

After scouting the area, I found a perfect spot on a hill for a Troll tower. So my team and I, a crew of eleven, worked on "The 7 Trolls and the Magical Tower" for ten weeks. Each Troll had its challenge. For Mikil, by the lake, we had to figure out how to transport materials down a steep slope. We thought of using two wooden train tracks and a sled. It worked fine after a small issue with waxing to make the ride smoother. Building giant Trolls in unique places always comes with challenges, but creative problem-solving gave us a successful outcome.